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Francesco Corman was born in Rieti (Italy) in 1982. He graduated "Summa Cum Laude" at his bachelor in Computer Science and at his master degree in Automation and Management Engineering, both at the University "Roma Tre" of Rome, in 2004 and 2006 respectively.
His master thesis about realtime rerouting of railway traffic has been carried out within an international exchange program with Delft University of Technology and resulted in a number of awards among which the best engineering thesis award by University "Roma Tre", the best master thesis award by the Italian Operations Research Society (AIRO), and the second place at the Student Paper Award 2006, by the Railroad Application Section of Informs (the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science).

After his master, he shortly joined the research group on Automation and Industrial Organization at the University "Roma Tre". Between 2007 and 2010 he was back at TU Delft for a PhD in innovative approaches for dynamic railway traffic management, resulting in his thesis "Real-time Railway Traffic Management: dispatching in complex, large and busy railway networks" . He spent the years 2011 and 2012 at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, as a full time research associate at the Centre for Industrial Management/Traffic and Infrastructure. Between 2013 and 2016 he has been with the Department for Maritime and Transport Technology, Section of Transport Engineering and Logistics at Delft University of Technology as Assistant Professor. Between 2016 and 2017 he has been working at IBM, the Netherlands, in a variety of analytics and optimization problems for large companies in manufacturing, transportation, logistics and renewables energies, across Europe, where he showed the value of quantitative methods, analytics and optimization methods towards industrially relevant issues.

He currently holds the Chair of Transport Systems (Associate Professor) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - ETH Zurich, with main responsibilities in research and education in transport systems, with particular focus on analytics and optimization methods for railways, public transport and logistics system and their interconnection, with special focus on their operations.

During his research career, he produced more than 80 high impact articles in journals and book chapters and presented more than 100 works at international conferences. He has been working together with researchers of more than 10 different institutions in Europe and worldwide. He was awarded in 2007 with the Best Paper Award of the Railroad Application Section of Informs, and nominated for the Best Paper Award at the 8th IEEE ICSNC Conference; he received nominations for his outstanding works at the International Seminar of Railway Operations Research 2011; at the EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award 2012, and a post-doc grant from the Flanders Research Foundations in 2012. He supervised/coauthored works awarded as best papers at the Railway Application Sections (with X. Luan, 2014), at the Conference on advanced Systems for Public Transport - CASPT (with P. Kecman, 2015), and at the AGIFORS Anna Valicek prize (with M. Sama', 2016).

He received teching qualification in 2015 and has been lecturing and/or coordinating a variety of courses on "Public Transport Design and Operations","Quantitative Methods for Logistics", "Introduction to Transport Engineering and Logistics", "Logistic Organization of Public Transport", "Railway Traffic Management", "Supply Chain Engineering", "Interdisciplinary Fundamentals of Transport Infrastructure and Logistics". He is an alumnus and member of the Netherlands Research School in Transportation and Logistics TRAIL, Informs, TRB, nad has been member of the Permanent Evaluation Committee of master VLITS in Transport, Logistics and Intelligent Transportation Systems of KU Leuven.


A brief Curriculum Vitae is available here :


My research interests focus on Optimization and Analytics in Transport and Logistics Systems:

  • Optimization and analytics of transport systems operations
  • Optimization in Railway networks, Public Transport Systems, Logistics and distributions Networks
  • Scheduling of discrete event systems
  • Distributed control of network structures
  • Simulation and decision support systems in transport systems
  • Uncertainty Dynamics
  • Analytics in logistics and maintenance
  • A-priori and online data collection and quality assessment of network operations


prof.dr. Francesco Corman

tel : +41 4463 33350

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